During those tough times wherein one has to settle long due debts, unpaid utilities, to pay some emergency expenses, there are several means which you can do to have that extra cash on hand. One of which is to apply for a personal loan. Personal loan is available in various banks and lending institutions here in Singapore. However, this loan is not limited to native Singaporeans. Such lenders also offer loans for foreigners; commonly known as Foreigner Loans.

Borrowing money from banks and private lenders is not as easy as it may seem. Before the approval of the loan, there are standard procedures that will be conducted by the lender. These include background checking, requesting necessary documents and alike. On the other hand, as the borrower, you should be aware of the repayment scheme corresponding to your borrowed amount. Take note of the interest rates and monthly amortization. Nevertheless, it would be best if you only borrowed what you need, excluding any excess amount that you need not.